Cartier: Why It’s On Every Woman’s Wish List

Cartier is the most renowned jewellery brand in the world, once hailed by the Prince of Wales as “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers” (Jeweller to Kings, King of Jewellers). The name always evoked luxury and elegance, an embodiment of perfection, its style beyond compare.

Since 1847 up to the present this jewellery brand has adorned the necks of royalty, the wrists of the rich and the fingers of the famous.  Stars and celebrities are equally smitten with Cartier.

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor owned a panthere brooch.  Grace Kelly received numerous gifts of Cartier jewellery from Prince Rainier III including her engagement ring which was a 12 carat (2.4g) emerald cut diamond.  Marilyn Monroe sang “Cartier” in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, and Elizabeth Taylor received a 69.42 carat pear-shaped diamond as a gift from her husband, Richard Burton.

Cartier jewellery are perfect gifts for special occasions be it birthdays, engagement, wedding or birth. It is a jewellery brand that marked celebrations.  When King Edward VII was crowned in 1902, 27 tiaras by Cartier were commissioned.

Women all over the world have a longstanding love affair with Cartier.  It is the jewellery they want to receive or a gift they want to buy for themselves.  As each piece of Cartier jewellery is crafted from gold, platinum and precious stones and made with scrupulous care by talented artisans, it is a work of art you can wear and feel like sensuous caress against your skin.

When you are in a mood to indulge yourself, you can start with these celebrated designs by Cartier:

Trinity Rings.  The design is so creative that it has been copied countless times or used as inspiration by other jewellers.  It is so famous that it has achieved mystical status.  It is a gleaming ring with three types of gold.  Cartier is famous for this original design, combining various shades of gold – yellow gold, white gold and pink gold.  The design is unique and highly sophisticated.

Love Bracelet.  Its iconic design turned this bracelet into the most recognizable piece of jewellery by Cartier in the 70’s.   The bracelet with the screw design had an industrial look yet very elegant.  It was also very innovative as it could only be opened by a tiny screw driver.

Panthere Collection.  According to Cartier, this collection was inspired by a panther.  The feline motif is a tribute to “bold femininity, devastating seduction, mysterious beauty and untamed character.”  Panthere collection has wide selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches with various panther design.

As Cartier once said, luxury is a state of mind.  When you buy these jewelleries, what ultimately are you telling yourself?   That I am Worth It!


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